A great variety of personalities belong to the category “Who is Who” of the RUB engineering faculties. Our “excellent heads” discover what remains in shadow, follow new courses, reach remarkable achievements, work hard or impress people with their élan and persuasiveness.

Yvonne Dieudonné

A Voyage of Discovery
Tecnology, languages, honorary office, sports – Yvonne Dieudonné is on a voyage of discovery and looking for challenges. more...

Harald Kruggel-Emden

Back to the RUB
As a guest scientist, Dr.-Ing. Harald Kruggel-Emden quickly noticed that expertise unites on a worldwide scale. more...

Isabel Moscoso

From the Andes to the Ruhr Area
Isabel Moscoso has had the choice and she came from the Andes to the Ruhr Area. She studies mechanical engineering at the Ruhr-University. more...

Yannick Moutcho

Happily Sharing his Wisdom
Yannick Moutcho does his best to support his fellow human beings. Now he is doing his Master in IT-Security at the Ruhr- University. more...

Markus Schulte-Lünzum

Mastering Sticks and Stones
Mountain biking pro Markus Schulte-Lünzum is a professional sportsman. He is studying Sales Engineering and Product Management at the RUB. more...

Ulrike Schulte

A Confident Choice
Dr. Ulrike Schulte consciously changed sides - from scientist to chief executive officer of an engineering faculty. more...

Bianca Will

With thrill and hard work
Dr.-Ing. Bianca Will is investigating on high frequency technology. In her free time, she scouts out new paths - beyond technology. more...